Long retired Gunnery Sergeant Charles LaMarr, who died 19Dec2011, provided us with an enormous collection of photos and documents. Therefore, though we've not included EVERY item, we felt compelled to publish them as a separate page...with still other links to photos and newspaper articles of the time...1961...he had also furnished..

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First, there are photos of the Hermitage, Marine activities and Marine personnel on board:

Hermitage - LSD-34
from approaching copter

Choppers Landing

"Listen up..."

"I said, listen up...!!!"

Sub Unit1

Charles LaMarr:

"It's nice to see that, contrary to so many website depictions, there WERE Marines on these ships."

"Gunny's" day off


Then there was the ship's visit to Freetown, Sierra Leone:

"High & tight, mac.."

Out on the town...

Mix it up with locals...

Say a few prayers...

Check local undertaker...

Generally, avoid the elite...

The HMS Bermuda making its own goodwill stop in Monrovia, Liberia and some of the people on board:

USMC-British Navy
Conference 1961

Lonely at the top...

HMS Bermuda >

at anchor >>>


Oh, so casual attire

Then those show stopping exibitions we provided up and down the west coast...of Africa, that is:

Cape Town, South Africa

Bathurst, Gambia

Bathurst, Gambia

Chopper Exibition
Kakata, Liberia

"Read all about it!"

GySgt. Charles Brice, USMC
Bathurst, Gambia


And, of course, there are the "Gunny's" two favorite photos:

Freetown, Sierra Leone - April 1961
Independence Celebration
The "Gunny" meets the later
Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshal

Capetown, South Africa
The making of a Gunnery Sergeant *

Major Richard Kurth CO, Solant Amity 1-60.
Promoted GSgt John J. Coughlin; GSgt C.A. LaMarr [Died: 19Dec2011]; 1st Sgt D. M. Bolick
Attending: 1st Sgt Perkins, Sgt Maj and Co Commander Capt. William Boone HMR Sub Unit 1

Oooooorahhhhhh, Gunny LaMarr!!!!

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