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Take Heed: Many of these Contain Gruesome Images

World War II

Marine's at Tarawa [RealPlayer]
Iwo Jima - Fifty Plus Years Later [1 Mg Power Point] - Thanks to Jim McDonald, CWO4 USMCR Retired and friends.

War On Terrorism - "There can be no dialogue with terrorists OR their supporters. We must seek and destroy them wherever found." (anonymous)

Air Support - Fallujah [Windows Media Player- .7 Meg]
One Shot One Kill [Windows Media Player-2.4 Megs]
RPG Ragman Downed [Windows Media Player-2.3 Megs]
We Own the Night [Windows Media Player-2.5 Megs] - Provided by
Wayne Halloran, former crew USS Graham County LST 1176 & retired Bronx Fireman, FDNY Engine 75.
Bombers Meet Their Maker [Windows Media Player-1 Meg]
They Can Hide But Nuclear Bunker Busters Are On The Way [Windows Media Player-2.1 Megs]
Their Last "Campfire" [On You Tube- 5 Megs]

Solant Amity

Solant Amity on USS Vogelesang filmed by R.B Kellar SM2.
Solant Amity on USS Graham County filmed by Robert Thomas, 2nd Pioneer Battalion.

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