3rd Platoon, "G" Company
2nd Battalion, 6th Marines
2nd Marine Division
November 1960 - March 1962

Biographies, recent photographs and contact information are available for those whose names have been high-lighted in blue. To date, near 80% have been found or accounted for. You need only to mouse click the name to move to the database.

Platoon Commander

John C. Thompson
First Lieutenant - 075857
Platoon Sergeant

Edward E. Bright
S/SgtE5 - 1124086

Billy J. Hunt
Sgt. E5 - 1438522

Runner & Right Guide

Paul Jefferson, Jr.
Pfc. - 1874558

1st Squad
2nd Squad
3rd Squad

Frederick L. Branch
Sgt. E4 - 1436111

Delwin E. Bailey
Sgt. E4 - 1396360

Peter A. Greco
Cpl E4 - 1800407

Paul R. Saphore
L/Cpl - 1824174

David C. A. Beraudo
L/Cpl - 1866494

Amadio DiBuonaventura
L/Cpl - 1874556

Peter M. Kalesnick
L/Cpl - 1866993

Kenneth O. Brinlee
L/Cpl - 1840072

Bernard Cretora
L/Cpl - 1841793

James E. Dershem
L/Cpl - 1857125

Paul R. Heston
L/Cpl - 1867121

William J. Frentz
L/Cpl - 1869150

Kenneth H. Burke
Pfc. - 1841787

James J. McCarthy
L/Cpl - 1874573

George V. Bitsoli
L/Cpl - 1841999

Arthur J. Busbee
Pfc. - 1801863

Roland C. Peyton

L/Cpl - 1848402

"Sam" Buffardi, Jr
Pfc. - 1841786

James F. Curtis
Pfc. - 1866865

Donald E. Carter
Pfc. - 1876037

Lewis C. Corson
Pfc. - 1841792

Kenneth R. Kollai
Pvt. - 1867139

Jerry T. Crawford
Pvt. - 1867080

Gary S. Fusco
Pfc. - 1841857

Richard S. McGibbeny
Pfc. - 1858290

William C. Daley, Jr.
Pvt. - 1874609

Joseph L. Guy
Pfc. - 1866259

Meredith T. Phillips
Pfc. - 1853997

Trevor E. Davies
Pfc. - 1875959

John Hynes
Pfc . - 1841921

Frank Schmidt
Pfc. - 1841635

Billy J. Driggins
Pfc. - 1853989

Pfc. Robert A. Lane
Pfc. - 1866739

Edward J. Shea
Pfc. - 1841870

Milton W. Kisielewski, Jr
Pfc. - 1841924

John R. Lemongelli
Pfc - 1841926

Joseph J. Teklits
Pfc. - 1839580

James J. McQuaid
Pfc. - 1806467

Ronald C. Smith
Pfc. - 1859873

As of 4Feb12: Thirty-two of the Platoon's forty-three members have been "found" and two more tentatively accounted for.

If you have access to Parris Island graduation photos, know the whereabouts or information concerning any of the above individuals, you are urged to contact the site webmaster.

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