This page is confined to illustrating the time line and unit locations during Solant Amity I, from its origins until return to CONUS in May of 1961.

Task Force 88 - The Task Force sailed under the command of Admiral A. L. Reed, COMSOLANT for Operation SOLANT AMITY later designated Solant Amity I. The Task Force included the following ships: USS Graham County LST-1176, USS Hermitage LSD-34, USS Nespelen AOG-55.

The following units with Gearing as flagship under leadership of Rear Admiral Allen Smith Jr., Commander Caribbean Sea Frontier in Command of Task Force participated in the capturing of the Portuguese passenger liner Santa Maria: USS Gearing DD-710 and 3rd Platoon w/Lt. Thompson, USS Volgelgesang DD-862 and 1st squad, 1st Platoon w/Sgt. Hart, USS Damato DD-871 and 2nd squad, 1st Platoon w/Cpl. Malone, and USS Nespelen AOG-55 with two squads of 2nd Platoon w/Lt. Carver and the USS Wilson DD-847.

These units were assigned to grain supply replenishment and the evacuation of some 500 Guinean troops from the (Belgian) Congo to Conakry, Guianea:

USS Graham County LST-1176 with the 3rd squad of the 1st, one squad of the second and Weapons Platoon. USS Hermitage LSD-34 with a its full compliment of Helicopter, H&S, Recon personnel resources and a legion of administrative types.

Afterwhich the various units proceeded to responsibilities in the South Atlantic designated to each before both the Congo and Santa Maria incidents emerged:

But, once again, personnel were split up. And at least the 3rd Herd embarked the Hermitage and on 17April61 both the USS Hermitage and USS Graham County left Cadiz, Spain.

The USS Hermitage log entries are as follows:

The USS Graham County log entries are as follows:

For the last time, all personnel orignally deployed on the USS Graham County were reunited and finished off the SoLant Amity I "Goodwill" enterprise:

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